Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Week Ahead (1st August, 7th August)

This week is Werewolf Week here at Scathach Publishing.

We'll be putting up a list of our fave werewolf books and movies.

We will be interviewing Werewolf Indie Author M T Murphy (and there's a chance to get a free copy of his book Lucifera's Pet) (you got that he writes about werewolves, right? We're not saying he is a werewolf. He might be, we're just not saying it).

We'll be putting our second free short story up on Smashwords. Its called Blood of the Werewolf.
Oh, here's some stats for Coffee. It has been downloaded 49 times. It hasn't been reviewed. We know what's wrong with the html version and fixing it is on our to do list.

We won't be finishing Werewolf in the Rookery (a choose your own adventure) this week because it still needs a shit load down.

We will be reviewing at least one independently published werewolf novel, check back this week to find out which one.

And because it's the first week of the month, and that calls for new beginnings, we put our first excerpt on our website. If you follow the link at the top of our blog, you will find our website, or just click this link.

Happy werewolf week. Don't get eaten.

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