Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Fantastic Opportunity for Indie Writers

We're organizing a blog carnival for authors who use Smashwords. It is happening on the 20th August 2010, a Friday.

What is a blog carnival?

A collection of different bloggers write posts on one topic, in this case why you decided to publish independently rather than going the traditional route, on their own blog. The host blog (hi, us) posts an article summing up each of the other blog posts and with a link to your blog.

On your post you mention at the top the post is part of a blog carnival, and link back to our post. This way any reader who reads any blog post on the subject and is interested has the potential to go to any or all of the other blogs.

Does it have to be on that topic?

Look, dudes, the topic is set. We're looking to do a monthly blog carnival if this works, and we don't care if you end your post with a synopsis and a link to buy your book. But the first carnival is about why you went indie.

How High Profile is this going to be?

Want to know a secret? Here at Scathach we don't read other writer's blogs for funzies. Oh no, we read Think Traffic, Liz Strauss's blog, itty biz, Mars Dorian's blog, and more. We love marketing, tiz fun.

And we pick up tips, by osmosis. We will try really hard to market this blog carnival. We'll use SEO techniques and link-building and more. You can do your bit, too. Tweet about it.

How do I sign up?

Leave a comment. Honestly, it is that simple. Leave your comment and write your blog post on the 19th of August, and post it. On the 20th we will come around, write our article, and link to the posts of everyone who has commented here.

You can also email us at Scathachpub@gmail.com

Why do we post on Thursday?

Our way of making sure you get included. We live in the UK and we're working nightshift over the Summer. If you post in the states in the evening, we'll probably miss it. So this way we know we'll include your post.

What do we get out of it?

Exposure to readers who wouldn't normally read your work? The chance to feel like part of a community? Free marketing? A coconut?

Okay, the coconut was a lie.


  1. OK, I will make a post on 19 August (and will post on Facebook also about the first blog carnival)!

  2. Sign me up.

    Does a dirty limerick count as a blog post as long as it is on topic? I'm thinking, yes.

  3. Blogspot ate my comment, so here it is again, more or less:

    Count me in.

    Does a dirty limerick count as a blog post as long as it is on topic? I'm thinking, yes.

  4. I'm in!

    I came across this via your comment on Zoe Winters's blog, and as I said there, I'm pretty sure I have nothing new to say on the subject, but I'm never afraid of repeating myself.


  5. I don't mind repeating myself either. :) I'm in. Ready and waiting for the 19th/20th.

  6. You already told me that, did you, Claire? I need to go through and see who was already agreed. I'll do that this week. Not today, though.


  7. I'm in. I'll probably write the post as a draft right away, and just schedule it to post on the 19th, in case I forget....

  8. I'm in, it sounds like fun.

  9. Count me in, too!