Wednesday, 21 July 2010

5 Reasons this Blog Post is Shite

Well, here it is. Our first ever blog post. And it's shite. In our defence, though, there are definite, solid reasons for the shititude.

1) We're a Publisher, without any books. Uh-huh, yes, there it is. The first title, a Matilda Raleigh novella called The Guns of Pleasure and Death, is currently with an out-of-house book editor. When she is finished with it, we'll look at any changes she suggests, and make the novella the best it can be. There is also a draft with a cover artist who is busy thinking of potential covers. When the novella is done, this column will display a link to it so you can buy it, as you wish. <--------- (this column). The blog looks weird with empty columns.

2) It is 2:25 am. Good things rarely happen at this time. It's late, we're all tired, don't expect too much from us.

3) It's not the post we wanted to post. That was a post detailing ways in which traditional publishers could possibly attempt to fix the mess they are in. Good post, great topic, lousy introduction. Yes, okay, this introduction is not much better.

4) The post lacks content. We're not really saying anything here, are we? It's tongue-in-cheek, but as a first post it is our first piece of contact with readers. Readers who have not suffered the whims of our collective senses of humour, and have no way to gauge how serious or sarcastic we are being.

5) The title says 5 Reasons, but we don't even have five. Pathetic or what?

Trust us, the next post will be better. You'll have to come back so we can prove it to you.

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