Friday, 2 July 2010

Not about strategy

So I said I would do a blog post on marketing strategies. I remember writing that for a very defined purpose. I knew why I was doing it. It made perfect sense. How shit is it that I have completely forgotten what was going into that post?

About the only thing I can say about marketing strategies is... surprise people. Don't do what they expect you to do. Apparently the first company to advertise on the sides of their trucks was the Body Shop. Before that trucks trundled up and down the country with plain white sides. After the Body Shop did it, everyone else copied. But the Body Shop jumped ahead of the game by advertising on the sides of elephants.

I'm not entirely sure why elephants were trundling up and down the country, though.

Surprise people. And I don't mean put Jane in a Box instead of Jack. I mean, actually aim to do different things, things other people haven't done.

Right now, that's all I've got strategy-wise.

Writing wise, I'm about 50% into my newest edit. I'm going to make this the last one. My preious edit changed a lot of things and made the story much stronger. This edit will make sure it all flows and I have no typos or shit lying around. And then, I'm done.

Copies of the book will be sent to my editor and cover artist. At this point I don't see any major changes to my novella, so my artist can read what I have so far and together we can discuss my cover art. She wants to do an original piece of artwork for it.

I've just begin my next big project. It's a non-fiction book, and I'm hoping to have it sort of finished by Christmas. It will then go out to other people, and I'm hoping that stage can be done by April, which would give it a Summer 2011 release date.

Long before which I should be finished my prequel, book one of my series.

I have decided on titles. A while back I asked people what they thought of my titles, The Guns of Pleasure and Death, or Pleasure and Death. The romance writers and readers unanimously picked Pleasure and Death (a romance sounding title) and the spec fic author picked Guns.

For my novella I'm going with Pleasure and Death. For my prequels, the series title will be The Guns of Pleasure and Death. The first book doesn't have a title yet, but it does have a plot. Zombies, grimoires, demonic possession and the militant arm of the Church are all involved.
And that's enough teasers for now. Ba-bye.

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