Monday, 23 August 2010

Barriers, my mum, and the size of my wang - unveiling Scathach Publishing's USP

There is such a thing as good taste. It is an elusive beast. Here at Scathach it is something heard of, but never seen. We fear it might be extinct in this part of the world. People say to us "You have no good taste." It makes us sad for a moment. We are never sure why.

We recently read an awesome article on USP. This is Unique Selling Point and is the reason people should buy from you. Don't think "I'm the only one with my book," think instead "There are lots of other books in my genre that are similar. Why this one."

You have your good cover. The work is edited. The story is tight. The characters are engaging.

That can be said about lots of books.

We're not going to go too much into what a USP is. It was summed up by Think Traffic far better than we could ever manage it. This is where you want to go when you've finished here.

We have our USP now, and it is summed up by this, the first Matilda Raleigh: Invictus book trailer. We're going to bring out more, and more, each time revealing a little bit more about the book, until the book comes out.

This time, there's nothing more than the title, author and price.


And as to our USP?

Scathach Publishing: our books are cheap, not shit.

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