Monday, 9 August 2010

Wee may have slightly a little bit perhaps kind of almost fucked up but we didn't not really hahaha lol had you going or something like that

You thought we were amazing, didn't you? You thought we were awesome, that we couldn't possibly score a monumental fuck up. Well, we are, and we can.

That's right, here at Scathach Publishing we do occasionally make a humungous fucking mess of things. But you know what? We have the balls to own it afterwards. Well, some of us have balls... if Scathach Publishing had more than 1 employee it would be an equal opportunities employer. As it is, our MD Chris Kelly, to the left dressed as a pirate, occasionally doubles as a woman... for equality reasons. Maybe. Actually, he doesn't.

Shit. We can't just change our mind like that.

Okay, maybe he does, but if he did we wouldn't admit to it on the net.

This is so coming back to bite us on the ass.

Things have been so great in August that we decided a staff holiday was in order. No computer for a whole weekend. Then we forgot to load Blood of the Werewolf up on Smashwords first.

Also, as this is the first day back, and everything is ass-up, the next interview will be posted tomorrow. As will this weeks excerpt.

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