Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I don't support indies

I've never bought a book by an indie author, but I do have a genuine reason for that. I don't have an e-book reader.

The thing is, in the UK, e-books are not a big thing. We are a few years behind the states in this. I know one person who has an ipad, for instance (whilst I thought the Bruce Lee game was good, the rest was less than impressive).

The ones most readily available are over-priced and under-performing. They are Sony e-readers and for £150 I could get one that will hold 350 books. Thats $238, by the way. For £180 or $286 I can get one that holds 500 books and has upgradable memories.

Okay, when I'm in work, I tend to spend £7.99 a week on books. If the books I'm getting cost 2 dollars I'll be able to buy six a week, or 312 a year. Add in any free books I download. Yes, pointless.

I want a Kindle. An old Kindle holds 1500 books and works out at £120.  A new Kindle is £80. But the old one is on 3G and in Britain, because that's a mobile phone network, downloading a book is charged as getting something from abroad, adding $1.49 to the price of every e-book.

Of course, I could download to my computer. But it is a netbook and doesn't handle downloads well (downloading the latest version of Firefo lost me all internet for days).

So I only read the ones I can get for free.

But I hope to get a new kindle soon.

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