Saturday, 10 April 2010

Book Cover - Preliminary Thoughts

I've started thinking about my book cover design.  On the one hand, my novel is sword and sorcery, so I'm considering elements of pictures like these. 

Now my main character isn't a guy, and the story isn't a fantasy.  There are no barbarians here-in, no axes either.  Oh, no, wait, there are 2 small handaxes.  I do like the way these barbarians strike such dominating poses. 

On the other hand, the steampunk elements are vastly important, too.

To the left, a complicated but gorgeous cover.  I love her goggles.  To the right, a simple yet captivating design.

I prefer the one on the left, personally.

This is a great cover.

Now that I've looked at ridiculously complicated book covers, it's time to consider ones I actually have a chance of pulling off.

This is my favourite book cover, ever.  So simple, understated, elegantly designed.  Lovely.

The UK release of Storm Front.  Gorgeous little cover.

When it comes to book covers, I prefer the minimalist approach.

This shall have to be considered carefully.

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