Friday, 1 October 2010

This Week In Publishing

Taking a leaf out of Nathan Bransford's blogging book, I have decided to release a summary of this week in self-publishing news.

First, a technological update:

Blackberry is introducing the Playbook in early 2011. CNET has a review, here, and I have to say, it is gorgeous. Just like me. xx Check out the youtube trailer.

Good news for childrens authors as the ebook market can only expand. 57% of children aged 9 to 17 want to read an ebook, and a third of all children in that age group would read for fun more if they had a reader, scholastic reports.

Doris Booth, editor-in-chief of authorlink, points out that authors are now earning much less thanks to the agency pricing scheme, but concludes that the current thirst for self-publishing could be fueled by the way publishers treat authors.

The Creative Penn released the September issue of her magazine for writing, publishing and marketing. You should definitely read it here.

I've read one scant report that Amazon may be offering some indie e-books for free, but I'm posting nothing more on this until I know for sure.

And finally, the smart bitches post that sparked the self-publishing is crap debate a few weeks ago has been completely turned on its head by the completely surprising revelation that the "self-pubbed" book that kicked it all of was actually traditionally published. Just goes to show how hard they are to tell apart.

And finally finally, I'll be doing these posts every week, and next weeks will have a lot more info in them.

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