Monday, 6 September 2010

An Unusual Insight into the Mind of a Madman (The Madman Being Me)

I recently read a comment on Joe Konrath's blog that indie publishers who blog about themselves in the 3rd person are trying to trick people into believing they are not indie publishers but actually belong to a publishing company. This is not why I write in the 3rd person.

I suffer the curious indignity of having backwards shyness, in that I'm not shy in RL. I chair meetings at the parent council, I'll stand up and speak in front of any number of people, etc. But online I get shy and my true personality gets lost.

It did in my last blog.

So the we's and us'es were a ways to a means, and I'm writing more and more in my own voice, which was my intention all along.


I've not been online much in the past week. I've read Dragonbone Chair, Adrian Mole's Diary (I think it was the 2nd one), Retribution Falls and Time Riders. Three from the library, one from a second hand store. My favourite author (Terry Pratchett) just brought out a new novel. Waterstones has 50% off but that still makes it to expensive for me. I really want to go e-.

It is my birthday on Saturday. I doubt I'll get a Kindle. I'm just hoping for money to put towards it.

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