Saturday, 11 September 2010

Blog Tour

I'm doing a blog tour in October.

I'm going to keep re-editing this post with more information on who I am visiting, when and about what.

If you fancy hosting my blog tour please leave a message.

Where I'm going...

6 SL Armstrong's blog on flashbacks
7 Guest posting at Tracy Falbe's blog, about my sword and sorcery influences
8 Interviewed at Jess C Scott's blog

11 Ty Johnston's blog, why you should not self-publish
12 Zoe Winter's blog, on doing blog tours
13 facebook day
14 john sundman's blog about steampunk
15 Daniella La Paglia's blog, flash fiction "The Egg"

18 SD Anderson's blog
19 Amanda Hocking's blog: I'll be posting about demons.
20 hp mallory
21 M T Murphy's Blog: I'll be posting about the nature of "Evil!" Mwahaha!!!!!!
22 Interviewed on Susan Bischoff's Blog

25 unconfirmed
27 unconfirmed
28 kait nolan, creating believable villains
29 interviewed on MT Murphy's blog

Who's coming here...

6 Joseph Robert Louis, steampunk
7 Rachel Thompson will be posting about the new Indie Book Collective
8 Kathy Bell on strong female main characters; there's one in her novel, Regression.

11 Mike Murphy will be posting about vampires
12 Tracey Falbe will be posting about how indie publishing has revealed neglected mass creativity.
13 John Sundman Interview
14 Jacsmom is writing a flash fiction
15 Daniella La Paglia is posting her flash fiction here!

18 S D Anderson
19 David Dalglish is doing a post on writing characters who do evil things yet retain their humanity
20 Kait Nolan on strong female characters
21 Mari Maniatt, worldbuilding
22 HP Mallory

25 Amanda Hocking is guest posting about her indie career, and getting into the top 25 on Amazon.
26 Julie Klumb
27 David Meadows
28 Selena Kitt is doing a post on writing about sex.
29 Vix Philips guest post, subject to be confirmed.
30 Zoe Winter's is doing a post on writing about love.


  1. Hi Chris, I saw your tweet about how most of your blog friends being romance writers. So, I'd be happy to have you at my blog for your blog tour. My blog is and it's not a romance book blog. It may mention romance at times, and I certainly like romance, but I like many genres and blog about books, movies, and other subjects that inspire me like archaeology, mythology, and folklore. I do author interviews and reviews too. So please contact me about what you'd have to offer for your blog tour. Please use the contact form at this link to reach me

    I'd also like to be a guest blogger at your site in October.

  2. Wow, your blog has a wonderful and wide range of things in it :). I'll get back to you about this soon.

  3. I'd invite you to use my blog but nobody reads it. Plus, you're scared of me now. ;)

    Seriously, if you want to do anything with it, you can.

  4. Replying here: You let me know what topic and date you want and I'll (try to) do it. I'm easy going.

  5. Chris, your welcome to guest blog at my blog:

    Most of my stuff is fantasy with some horror and literary stuff thrown in. I'm open to any dates and any topics, if you have something specifically you'd like to write about. Or I could come up with an idea, if you'd prefer.

  6. Chris, for a topic, how about flipping things about a bit with something like: Reasons a writer should NOT self publish.

    If ya don't like it, let me know.

    And any date is fine with me.