Friday, 17 April 2009

You're Not Bloody Dancing!

Ugh! I'm getting sick of people referring to fighting as dancing. "Want to dance?" sounded cool in the 80s. Come on, people, that was nearly thirty years ago.

Just to be ORIGINAL and INTERESTING, how about having a character describe a fight as something other than a dance. Like maybe, uh, a fight?

"Want to fight?" could sound cool (or, at least, cooller).


  1. Hello there!

    That started only around the 80's?? I thought 'Want to dance?' was around forever! It sure feels like it...

    'Wanna fight?' is pretty novel, comparatively speaking. How many others are out there? 'Shall we throw down?', 'You ready to rumble?', 'Wanna...'

    You know what? Never mind.

    In terms of steampunk, as a writer, I'm sure there's plenty of room for originality! 'Shall we settle our differences, under Marquess of Queensberry rules?' That's for a little formality. Or, just charge into the beginning by one shouting at his/her opponent, 'Have at you, miscreant!'

    One thing about Victorian/Wild West days, people were more formal...or at least 'proper'! ;)

  2. It might have been around forever. I was old enough to notice it in the ages, though. I like your idea of bringing in the Marquess of Queensberry rules.

  3. The wise mentor to the young hero:

    "You can fight if you want to, you can leave your friends behind, cause your friends don't fight and if they don't fight then they're no friends of mine..."