Monday, 13 April 2009

Amazon Rank

I missed all the excitement of Amazonfail today.

I'm going to point you at another blog...

They have all the details.


  1. Hi! I love your blog. I wish I could write, I really do, but I have no talent for it.

    Instead, I make shiny things. If there is any way of doing a ProjectWonderful ad or other sort of ad campaign on your site I'd be very interested.


    Grace Acosta

  2. Um, sure.

    I looked over your site, hope you don't mind, and the rings are nice - you don't need to write, you've a real talent there.

    I've never heard about Project Wonderful, but I'm looking into it.

    Thanks for the interest in the blog.

  3. I'd be really annoyed if Amazon stopped ranking superhero how-to guides. It's pretty much the only way I have to measure how successful a book is (unless the book has made the bestseller lists). In my query, I drew on Amazon ranks to show that the books in my niche sold well enough to suggest that my book would sell well.

    B. Mac
    Superhero Nation