Monday, 1 November 2010

My House is Not a Nudist Camp! And Other Things Not As Important!

Well, Nanowrimo officially began at 0am this morning. I'm currently 2000 words into Goblins - was hoping for 3k today but there is a huge pile of ironing and no one has clothes. Slight exaggeration there; my house hasn't turned into a nudist's camp or anything.

Now that the important news is out of the way, some Invictus news - it is currently in the top 80,000 in Amazon U.S. and has a lovely little 4 star review. On Amazon U.K. it is in the top 25,000 and the top 100 for Science Fiction > Adventure books, but no reviews yet.

Ideally, I want 5 reviews on each site - if you haven't read Invictus yet, and you want to review it, drop me an email at Scathachpub and I'll let you have a copy for free.

Invictus isn't selling so good but I never really thought it would (okay, so I had a super sekret fantasy of being number 1 in Amazon, but I found out to my cost some years ago about the danger of fantasy becoming reality*) and the point of Invictus wasn't to sell (although it would be great if it brought in enough money for me to get another book out for free).

I got the cover for Goblins for free, and I'll photoshop the covers for WS parts 1 and 2 and Book 1 myself. That's what I'm hoping to release beidfore Christmas. When these start bringing in money, I can hopefully get the covers done.

After that... well, not to give away all my plans but let's just say I didn't release Invictus first because I thought it was the best (it's the best it can be, but it's not the best I can do) or because it was the first ready.

Closer to now, I've got plans to change the way I use (and think about) social media. More on that by the end of this week.

Anyway, click on the link at the top (the Goblins one) to check in on my nano progress. Who else is doing nano? Buddy me - I'm Indiechris on there.

*It involved two very naked double jointed woman, baby oil, Twister, and a visit to Casualty.**
**That might have been a dream I had. Moral of the story is, kids... don't eat cheese before bed.
And watch where you put the lid from the baby oil...


  1. Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I'd like to hear more about the dangers of eating cheese before bed. That and the social media stuff.

  2. Cheese before bed gives nightmares :)

    Social media wise... I'm going to be posting about that tomorrow.