Sunday, 30 May 2010

Lady Luck

Cut cut cut.
I'm editing now.

I really hate editing, but at the same time I feel this edit is perhaps the most important.  Others have constructed my story, got it to the point it had to be at.  This edit is different, it's all about voice and style, this is where I make my novel truly mine.

Except you have to imagine he's holding a flashdrive, not a ring.

I have done nearly 20% of my novel. I have finished almost every class at college (so more time to spend on the book) and I have started planning a prequel series.

I'm a lucky person. I take this "luck" to extremes. I'm almost t'av'averen (or however it is spelled, and kudos if you are geek enough to know what I mean). I am lucky enough often enough that I can come to rely on it.

People don't believe me when I say this, but it's true. Whenever I buy scratch cards I win (not big amounts, but the point is I never lose). I don't buy them often. I roll sixes on dice more than often than any other number. I went to a Fun Day today and (with my daughter, who shares my luck) won a litre bottle of vodka, a litre bottle of gin, two bottles of beer, three bottles of wine, a room spray, a bottle of water, and hair stuff. And I didn't realise until I got home that the woman gave me the wrong change. I went out with £20 and came home with £24.

Now my luck is starting to work its way through my writing. 

I have found a talented editor who will edit my novel for free.
I have found a talented artist who will do my cover art for barter (I'm helping her set up a web page and blog, she has -5 in tech savvy).
I have found a certain person with certain skills who will be able to help with certain long term plans that I'm not going to mention right now (as they are very long term; let's just say this, I'm very excited about this).

I will get my novel out this year.  For zero upfront costs.

It's exciting, and scary.  

I'm loving it. 

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