Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Idiots on the Loose - a rant

Steampunk World Presents... some fool commented this...

Anonymous said...
One problem - did you have to use the airship with the nazi symbols? Looks like a covert nazi website. Surely you can photoshop that out. Now I am thinking steam punk is some sort of covert nazi society.

Okay, first this is called a swastika, not a Nazi symbol.  Is there a difference?  Well, yes, swastika's have been used since Neolithic times.  They are still used today, mainly in India, but also in many Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism.

But in the image above it is portrayed as a Nazi symbol.

Did I have to use it?
No, but it was the coolest free image I could find.

Can I photoshop it?
No, because not everyone has photoshop.

Looks like a covert Nazi website.
Umm, why?  The image above shows an airship with a Nazi swastika on it FLEEING New York.  I always had the impression the Nazi's had just had their asses handed to them by the yanks.  Further, if this was a Nazi website why the Hell would it be covert?  Why would I keep things like that secret?

If I was a Nazi, I'd be in your face.  It's where Nazis tend to be.  I'd be registered on a Nazi website directory, like this one.  I'd have pictures of Hitler up.  I'd be going on and on about those Jewish ass-oles.  If I was a Nazi, you would have no doubt of it.  I don't see why Nazi's would keep things secret.  They want to change the world.  What do you want?

  Now I'm thinking
No, you're not.  Your coming on my blog and puking your crud on my screen.  If you were thinking you wouldn't have posted such a stream of idiotic trash and I wouldn't be here impotently wishing for Nazi stomping boots to give you a curb stomp with.

Steampunk is some sort of covert Nazi society
Only because your an idiot!


  1. Try:

    Free, open source, runs on Windows too.
    Perfect for scrubbing out those unwanted facist symbols.

  2. Is that like photoshop, then?

    I'll have to get me some of that, I've been wanting photoshop for ages. Thanks

  3. That post hurt my brain-hole. I'm sorry you had to put up with such drivel!

  4. So many idiots, so few Nazi boots with which to stomp. Then again, it'd rather difficult to talk a Nazi into stomping on an Idiot. They're too closely related.

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